House Call Vet / Home Vet 上門出診獸醫 /太陽獸醫 9855 7529 寵物急救

Chiwawa with ears up doc

Whatsapp : 9855 7529 /Tel : 8202 2633 農曆新年照常提供 24小時上門獸醫出診服務 寵物急救 留醫


First Aid, Hospitalization, Open 24/7, every day during Chinese New Year

Consultation : Mon to Sun, 24 hours each day, 24 hours pets hospitalization with dedicated professionals

辦公時間︰星期一至日,24小時獸醫急診 ; 24小時愛寵留醫 . 專人看護服務

Registered Animal Charity Enjoys Special Discount


Cost of transportation depends on actual traffic condition


-> 可以就現場環境提供急救 / 外科手術(包括 : 洗牙)/ 物理針灸治療

Emergency First Aid / On-site Surgery can be done to cope with All Sorts Of Environmental Condition (Include Dental Cleaning) / Physicspuncture Treatment

House Call Consultation Fee between 9am to 9pm is HKD600 and after 9pm through midnight to 9am is HKD1000. (Effective from 23rd January 2017)

到診醫療服務費用(陽光組)為 HKD600 / (星光組)為 HKD1000






當您的愛寵需要進一步醫療檢查,例如CT, MRI,我們亦會盡快為您轉介。


To make a booking, please call (852) 9855 7529 or (852) 8202 2633 / Email  :

(We only accept call with phone number displayed)

如需預約,請電 (852) 9855 7529 或 (852) 8202 2633 或電郵



Dr. Sun Veterinary Clinic


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